Our Partnership with Covenant House

Oftentimes when we think of deliverance, we’re reminded of the miraculous, “big picture” ways that God moves in the Bible: the 10 plagues that free the Israelites from enslavement, the providential timing He demonstrates in Esther, the covenants he keeps with people like Abraham, who try to take things into their own hands. It feels quite difficult to ask for help at times and acknowledge our own shortcomings, and we can take comfort in these stories that remind us of how our God is always, always bigger; he is more sovereign and powerful than we can ever imagine, and he is always looking out for us.

But, in contrast to what we often expect (and certainly in contrast to what most Jews expected thousands of years ago), our greatest source of deliverance comes from a messiah who does not fit this same image of an almighty, mastermind God — at least not in the way that we think. Our ultimate deliverance from sin and anguish, interestingly enough, is more intimate than we often perceive. Our deliverance came in the form of a human carpenter who demonstrated meekness and sorrow, whose disciples were some dirty, fourteen to eighteen year old fishermen and tax collectors. He didn’t deliver us from evil by ravaging cities or striking down his enemies, but by drawing near to his enemies and weeping with the brokenhearted. He defeated evil by enduring it, by living in a world not just surrounded by evil but ingrained with it. It’s Jesus’ closeness to our sin that demonstrates just how vast, deep, wide, high, and unfathomable his love is for us. That same love that makes our heads hurt also makes us feel known in times of distress, serves as a reminder of freedom and grace, and ultimately, that delivers us from our sin and offers us salvation. And it’s this same closeness and intimacy that has inspired our partnership for Spring of 2021.

As a company based in Berkeley, where the Bay Area housing crisis affects many, our decision to partner with a local nonprofit felt only natural. In an effort to reflect the closeness of Jesus to our needs we wanted to reach a population that we feel near to, not just in physical proximity but in phase of life. In contrast to last semester when we reached out to people across the country, we will be partnering with Covenant House this semester. Local to the Bay Area and thus very active in meeting the Bay’s need for healing, restoration and deliverance, Covenant House serves homeless populations in the Bay, particularly homeless youth. We plan to share this semester’s profits, as well as make ourselves available to serve those that the organization serves by volunteering our time, at least virtually for the time being.



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