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5 min readApr 2, 2023


Study of “In the Waiting”

As with previous semesters, our weekly meetings consist of discussions rooted in the Word.

And lastly, as we all exist in this period of waiting for the return of Christ, we also exist in our seasons of faith. It is too easy for Christians to compare the validity and strength of their faith to other Christians because that is what sin does to brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Product Design Team worked closely with the entire staff to translate these reflections into intentional designs. With so many different thoughts and topics brought up during the meetings, they prayerfully created the In the Waiting Hoodie full of imagery and symbolism to convey the depth and ___ of our conversations. As one team and one body, we are excited to share our heart behind this launch!

The Product

“In the Waiting” Hoodie

After much prayer and discussion with the team, we were led to design our Fall 2022 In the Waiting Hoodie. The design plays with the idea that God is the composer and author of our lives, making everything perfect in His timing. Music is so complex, yet it often uses “rests” and “silences” that are purposeful. Timing is also so important in music. It is in those periods of waiting that it can be easy to get lost in what’s happening around you or what’s not happening. There is an element of active waiting in counting as the musician anticipates for the sound that is to come after the rest. We chose the song “It is Well” based on our Bible study as we examined the question: What does it look like to be still in all circumstances? It is only by looking to the unchanging truths found in Scripture that God promises us, we are able to sing with confidence and peace “it is well with my soul”.

We found Isaiah 40:31 especially impactful. “But those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint”. It is not by leaning on our own understanding, but by truly surrendering our entire lives that we may receive this strength from God. How do we receive this renewal of strength from the Lord? It is only by actively waiting on the Lord. As we seek first the Kingdom and learn to rely on Him instead of ourselves, we may receive this strength. It is difficult that God walks us into darkness at times, but it is His presence that becomes the sweetest hope amongst our trials. If darkness is where He leads us, that indeed is the best place for us to be. It is good for our souls to sink in order to find our bottom point so that God can work to build the right foundation. Suffering is necessary, but pride is what gets in the way of this revival. It is only in humility and realizing that we are not as self sufficient as we believe that we can build the foundations of our faith and bear the fruit of the spirit. In this, God gives us strength to soar above everything else and keep moving forward.

The sheet music on the back of the hoodie is covered in intentional illustrations, used to represent that silence does not mean the absence of God. The first line of the music is left emptier to represent stillness. Fishing is a metaphor for waiting. It requires so much patience and stillness. You can come as prepared as possible, but ultimately it is out of our control. You don’t know when the next fish will come and you cannot see what’s happening under the water, but we still trust and hope knowing that God is good and gracious. The dog is an example of active waiting with joy to be reunited with its owner. Christ is the firm foundation, the rock on which we stand, our cornerstone, He is faithful and will never let us down.

As the music progresses, the seasons change. Seasons changing is natural, similar to how there are different seasons in faith. There is purpose in every season. The rain and storms are necessary for growth, but these particular seasons don’t necessarily mean a lack of joy. We can still have joy because we trust in the Lord and continue to sing Him praises.

Many times we may receive little or no fruits as we dedicate ourselves to spread the Gospel, but we know that God promises us hope and a future. At the end of a storm there is a rainbow, which is God’s promise to us that there is hope for growth and change. The reminder of “It is well with my soul” at the chorus marks a turning point reflected in the design. We see the fullness of God with representations of light where there was once darkness (with the bench), growth with the help of brothers and sisters (watering the tree together), and fruits from the same trees that were once covered in snow. The seeds we plant grow and eventually turn into the fruits of our labor, not because of our own doing but because God allows it. These fruits are a direct result of God’s perfect provision and timing in our lives. And in response, in this season of fruitfulness, we have the opportunity to pour into others and share these fruits.

We drew inspiration from our Bible study on Psalm 1. A person who meditates on the Word of the Lord and takes delight in Him is like “a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in seasons” (v3). The trees remain rooted and are supplied nutrients by the stream. The importance of establishing strong roots is shown through enduring by relying on Jesus and remaining faithful even during time of trial or waiting.

Through this design, we hope you are both encouraged and challenged. Encouraged to know that our God is constant, faithful, gracious, sovereign, loving, and life-giving. Challenged to question for yourself, “Can I say it is well with my soul in any season? How can I see God working in between the high’s and low’s?” The semester-long back-and-forth iterations of this product have changed as God has revealed to us what it means to be in the waiting — ultimately anticipating and looking forward to the return of Christ Himself.


With every semester of studying the Word under different themes, we repeatedly find ourselves connecting ideas back to previous semesters. The three designs we release as prints come from the Assurance Line, Treasure Line, and this semester’s In the Waiting Line.


Truly truly we thank you. Whether you purchased the products or took the time to read this reflection, we hope you are encouraged with this always-needed reminder of how great our God is and will always be. He is so faithful to us and it is evident He is working in, on, and through us.

The majority of proceeds from this launch will go towards Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay in hopes to give as much support as we can to the people living there with dementia as well as their families.

All glory be to Christ,

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